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I was invited by a close colleague to be part of a collaboration of minds back in 2017 and I was of course delighted to take part.  I was asked to come up with a branding concept that would work across all marketing platforms and touch points, including website, literature, email marketing, and social.  

After many meetings and much background work defining our market, (the who, what & why’s) a creative brief was drawn up and put to the test with the rest of the team.  A little toing and froing and a tweak here and there and Go To Hear’s branding was approved and guidelines for the brand template were set in place.

We, as a team have the vision to create an entire music ecosystem with the power to change the music industry for the better, forever.  As a member of the founding team, I am proud to be part of a music revolution, bringing fair play to all in the music industry.  Visit the Go To Hear website and sign up using my sign up code: gotohear.com/?id=Bareface 

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Go To HearGo To HearGo To HearGo To HearGo To HearGo To Hear

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