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Jodies Nails and Beauty

Jodie’s Nails and Beauty is a hidden gem in West Didsbury (South Manchester).  These beauty rooms are a quiet little haven and perfect for you to have some ‘me time’.  

It's funny how these things work out... I had been going to Jodie for about a year (she's a master of nails) when she told me of her woes of not being able to properly brand her business.  A friend was going to help - but they had their day job and Jodie needed to get her branding in place, so I suggested that I could help.

 Jodie wanted her branding to reflect the feeling of tranquillity that her clients would feel when visiting the salon.  Using Breton blue and copper as the base colours we went on to develop her overall branding logo, appointment cards, loyalty cards, gift vouchers, price lists and the design and application of the shop window livery.  There’s never a job too small when it comes to this lovely business.

Jodies Nails and BeautyJodies Nails and BeautyJodies Nails and BeautyJodies Nails and BeautyJodies Nails and Beauty

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