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Lovely Floor Coverings

Lovely Floor Coverings is a local business based in Reddish, Stockport.  I first met Greg (the owner) when I was looking for new carpet for my house (funny that).  

Greg was so helpful and knowledgeable and advised me on the best floor coverings for my house. Whilst we were talking we started to discuss marketing and how it can really help small businesses, he asked if I could help.  So, we set to work on the business branding, which included logo design, business cards, shop front signage and a small but beatifully formed, mobile responsive website.  We love working with small businesses and showing them how with a reasonably small investment a business can be professionally branded and have a professional online presence.  

This is another small business that I have recommended to many friends.

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Lovely Floor Coverings Lovely Floor Coverings Lovely Floor Coverings Lovely Floor Coverings

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