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Redhound Surveyors are a South Manchester based business who provide residential building surveyors to home owners (or prospective home owners).  As a new business start up and coming from a larger business (where marketing is taken care of by a marketing department) Richard and Lucy did not have much experience of branding or of how to develop a website.  They knew that they wanted a professional to help them but they really didnt know where to start.

We love helping small businesses, and we're really good at listenting and making the process of branding and website development seamless.  We sat down together and I took copious notes on their branding aspirations and within a week or two we had created a brand that was eye catching and professional.  We went on to develop their stationery including business cards, letterheads and invoices.  Once the branding was complete we made a start on the website, we set out the navigation, visual style and functionality of the website and completed the copy writing to reflect their core business brand values.  Take a look at Redhound Surveyors mobile and google friendly website.

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Redhound SurveyorsRedhound SurveyorsRedhound SurveyorsRedhound SurveyorsRedhound SurveyorsRedhound Surveyors

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