We include our unique Bare Face Marketing Content Management System (CMS) on every website.

Having an easy to use CMS means that you will be able to quickly and easily edit, add and delete text and images as often as you like.  You will also receive training and a quick reference instruction booklet.  Should you decide that you need additional features or functions like a shopping cart, video, photo gallery or database, then you can simply add these later.

Bare Face Plus websites contain everything you need for a professional on-line presence.  

These websites give you up to 10 pages of professionally written content which allows you to showcase your products/services/testimonials to great effect.  Your new website will be built with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind and customisable Meta Tags & Header Tags.  Should you decide that you need additional functions like e-commerce video, photo gallery, a database or on-line booking system, just give us a call and we can add the functions you need at a time that's convenient, just call us for a quote. 

Bare Face Plus Websites, stare from £1800 + VAT and can include some or all of the following:

All of our websites are designed to be just how you want it - bespoke.  Each site is made with all types of devices in mind, meaning they will work to Google standards on every platform, whether you are looking at it on an iPhone, Android, tablet or laptop. We apply your new or existing company branding along with your 8 - 10 designed and copy written web pages, complete with Contact Forms.  All marketing help and advice is included.  Should you require a database (for easy export to email) then we can do that too, along with a Photo Gallery,  Video upload facility, On Line booking system.  All websites come with Google Analytics, CMS training and an instruction booklet for the Full Content Management System (CMS).  The first month of support for your new website is absolutely free.

Call Emma now to see how we can create your business a professional on line presence 0161 286 0165